Feels good to be on the road again! We headed up north from Cape Town on Thursday morning, and entered the distribution of our first target species, Lithops localis, in the evening. The weather of the first three days has not favored our efforts, as it has been mostly cold, windy and variably cloudy. Especially clouds passing over the sun substantially complicate taking multi- and hyperspectral images, which require long exposure times. And the plants remain just as difficult to find as before. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to image altogether five L. localis and L. comptonii populations. Right now we have stopped for the night in Vanrhynsdorp, where our program mainly consists of showering, charging batteries, and backing up files. It’s raining outside.

Some rare moments of sunshine.

Searching for Lithops localis. The flags mark found individuals.

Lithops localis. This probably explains why Lithops plants are hard to find.